Australian roads are some of the most challenging in the world and that’s why drivers and families need the best protection. Built in Japan to the highest of standards, Sumitomo Tyres are designed to do battle in any conditions. You might never know what’s around the next bend but at least you’ll know you can rely on Sumitomo Tyres to be there in those moments when it matters most.

Sumitomo HTR ZIII

Sumitomo HTR ZIII The Sumitomo HTR ZIII’s advanced asymmetric tread design and silica compound offers maximum performance across a range of conditions. Advanced, silica tread compound delivers outstanding wet performance without compromising tread wear. 5-Rib asymmetric tread design rigid outer blocks withstand high speed centrifugal force. Inner ribs effectively deliver high speed straight line stability. 3-D

Sumitomo HTR 50Z

Sumitomo HTR 50Z Delivers sharp handling, cornering and excellent mileage. Advanced silica tread compound: enhances traction for wet conditions and maintains superb dry road performance levels. Computer Optimized Tread Design: designed for optimal balance and enhances grip and handling while promoting a quiet ride. Multi-Pitched Variation tread blocks: achieve noise reduction and minimizes irregular wear.

Sumitomo HTR2000

Sumitomo HTR2000 High technology radials for classic performance vehicles. Features raised white lettering. Raised whitewall lettering provides vehicles with a stylish appearance. Asymmetric tread design. Latest tyre design to suit classic vehicles. 3 circumferential grooves & lateral slits. Modified tread compound provides excellent wet and dry handling without compromising tyre life. Compound delivers outstanding wet

Sumitomo HTR 60H

Sumitomo HTR 60H The tread ensures straight-line stability, steering response and maneuverability at high speeds. Two wide steel belts: ensures high speed durability. Computer optimised tread design: ensures straight-line stability, steering response and maneuverability in high speed running. Available Sumitomo HTR 60H Sizes 225/60R14

Sumitomo HTR T4

Sumitomo HTR T4 Designed for small cars, the five rib pattern improves performance and anti aquaplaning capabilities. Available Sumitomo HTR T4 Sizes 165/70R13

Sumitomo HTR 200

Sumitomo HTR 200 Ensures excellent mileage, efficiency and safety for everyday vehicles. Wide straight grooves, excellent drainage and improved wet grip. Lateral channels drain water from centre grooves and shoulders giving improved wet weather performance. Shift block tread design and natural rubber tread compound reduces noise and enhances wear resistance. Available Sumitomo HTR 200 Sizes

Sumitomo Tour Plus

Sumitomo Tour Plus Our Sumitomo Tour Plus range gives you touring comfort and exceptional mileage, its Five-Rib asymmetric tread creates a quiet and comfortable ride, while the jointless nylon cap ply construction gives you high speed uniformity and stability. Available Sumitomo Tour Plus Sizes 225/40R18 195/55R15 205/55R16 225/55R16 215/55R17 225/55R17 255/55R18 185/60R15 195/60R15 205/60R16 225/60R16

Sumitomo HTR P01 A/S

Sumitomo HTR P01 A/S Sumitomo’s New Ultra high performance all-season tyre, the Sumitomo HTR PO1as, has a superior level of grip in wet and dry conditions. Its wide five-rib tread pattern provides quick and direct steering response, while the four wide grooves provide excellent drainage enhancing performance in the wet. Available Sumitomo HTR PO1as Sizes